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Here at Your Wife My Meat, you can expect pretty, horny, well-chosen MILF babes to hook up with the pizza guy, employees under them at work, or even their husbands’ friends – whatever it takes to get their raring libidos satisfied. Plus, these scenes are nicely produced with solid soft details, a benefit that comes straight from the production team at the network to which this site belongs. Sadly though, not all is well here, and if you’ve been following the reviews of the other MILF Bundle sites, you might just already know why. Let’s look into the library details to get some more clarity on the situation, shall we?

Variable Updates, Possible Rotation, Full HD Downloads, 19+ Videos

As of the time of writing for this review, the Your Wife My Meat collection includes only 19+ individual videos, though each is associated with a gallery. This is a well-established site, not a new one, so it’s clear that the issue comes from the update schedule. Unfortunately, that update schedule really is variable at best at this time, and I suspect it’s worse than that. In fact, I suspect that they’re most likely rotating content, as deeply unfortunate as that is. For the content that is here, you can an expect an average 20 minutes of run-time per video, and the streaming player to max out at 720p. 1080p is available, but you’ll have to download instead.

Solid Browsing Experience, Full Network Access

While the site you’ll browse it all on is fairly basic, the browsing experience at Your Wife My Meat is actually pretty solid. A model index and basic search both help the site a lot overall, but they and the other implemented features help more than that because you actually get full access to the rest of the MILF Bundle collection as a standard bonus of your membership here – check out our separate full network review for more info on that!


    1. Full network access to the rest of the MILF Bundle collection certainly helps to ease the drawbacks of this site, and happens to be the single largest benefit here as a result.


    1. Unfortunately, the potentially rotated content, variable updates, low resolutions – there’s a lot here at Your Wife My Meat dragging the overall score down, which is disappointing to see.

Content Amount:

  • 19+ Videos/Galleries
  • Updates: Variable


  • Video Length: Avg. 20 min
  • Download: Full HD 1080p (.mp4)
  • Streaming: HD 720p (Flash)


  • Resolution: HQ 1600×1000 (.jpg)
  • Pics per Set: Avg. 50
  • Zip Files: Yes (~40MB)


  • Total: 19+ (mostly U.S. based)
  • Ages: 35+
  • Ethnicities: mostly white
  • From semi pros to pros


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  • Content Amount
  • Quality
  • Updates
  • Usability
  • Download/Streaming
  • Value



Frankly, I'm a little tired of repeating this for each of these sites, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't bear repeating: Your Wife My Meat's situation is one that is quite disappointing. In it's niche, with it's production standards, it could be a great MILF hardcore site, but currently, it's only disappointing. The network access does save it from falling down too far, but only goes so far in and of itself. I think this site might be well-placed as an addition to an existing premium collection, however – that might be a great way to get value out of it. At the current time, Your Wife My Meat earns a score of 67.8 points overall, for all the reasons detailed above.

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