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- Published on July 31st, 2021

- Last update on May 27, 2022

- Main niches: NetworkPublic

At today’s site, Public Sex Date, it’s all about pickups all the time – after all, there’s a certain magic in the idea that you can randomly hook up with strangers where ever you might happen to be, thanks to the now proliferate market of dating apps available these days. It’s a fun idea to just be able to find a hottie who likes you, and have some random sexy hookup fun, and that’s just what the gorgeous stars here get to do. The production standards at this site are pretty high, too, and the pickup setups are slick and authentic feeling, even though they’re absolutely staged. There’s a variety of starlets too, with both semi-pros, and hot babes who are just starting out featured. The sexy babe choice is quite good, too. The camera work is also pretty inventive, as well, sometimes with a just single handheld camera, the stars, and no production crew – which does mean somewhat lower production standards objectively overall, but you do get a much more authentic and realistic feel as a result.

Small Library, 4K Downloads, Regular (if Slow) Updates

The library at Public Sex Date in particular is unfortunately rather on the smaller side – while we’re looking at this site as a network, due to the bonus sites included later, we won’t include those video counts here in the specific site count, though they do add quite a bit of value to the offering. As of the time of writing this review, you’ll find 26+ individual videos available at Public Sex Date. They’re all available to stream, in an embedded player whose resolutions unfortunately caps out at 720p, which is two full steps behind both modern resolutions, and industry standard. On the other hand, you do get the option to download them in crisp, modern, 4K resolutions, which is the industry standard. This discrepancy in resolution is quite likely due to bandwidth concerns, as we have seen before, and it’s an understandable, if unfortunate, compromise. There is also a gallery with each video, but these are somewhat disappointing. While they are available in convenient zip archives so you can easily download and enjoy them offline, they average just 20 lower-resolution shots each, which is an unfortunately low resolution. Updates are luckily quite regular, but back on the other hand, they’re also a little slow with only one vid coming down the pipe each week.

Similarly Themed Bonus Sites, Solid Site Design and Features

You do luckily get full access to three other sites as a standard part of your membership. All have similar themes revolving around that exciting idea of fun and random pickups. The included sites are DTF Dating, DTF Sluts, and Real Fucking Dating – honestly they’re all pretty similar, and the majority of the videos available through your membership to Public Sex Date come from DTF Sluts in particular, which absolutely has the largest library among this group of sites. The site design at Public Sex Date unfortunately is rather ad-heavy in the members’ area – this is always frustrating, and disappointing to see. It is also, however, nicely mobile-responsive, so you can use it on whatever device you happen to prefer. It’s also got a good set of features, with search, categories, tags, sorting, ratings, comments, and more, to enjoy. Ultimately, even with the issue of the overly heavy ads, it’s quite intuitive and easy to browse, and find whatever you’d like to watch as a result.


  1. ◦ Full access to 3 other similarly themed sites, including more than 200 other videos to enjoy.
  2.  Solid feature set and site design to ease your ability to find the content that you happen to be in the mood for.


  1. ◦ There are probably far too many ads cluttering the members area and making it harder to browse and find what you’re looking for.
  2. The update schedule could also use some work, to help the site collection do more in terms of growth.

Content Amount:

  • 26+ Videos/Galleries
  • Updates: Avg. 1 video/pic per week


  • Video Length: Avg. 20 min.
  • Download: 4K 2160p (.mp4)
  • Streaming: HD 720p (Flash)


  • Resolution: HQ 1200×1600 (.jpg)
  • Pics per Set: Avg. 20
  • Zip Files: Yes (~10MB)


  • Total: 21+ (U.S. and Europe based)
  • Ages: 18-30+
  • Ethnicities: mostly white
  • From amateurs to pornstars


7 Day Trial:
[Recurs at $9.95/week until cancelled]
1 Month:
[Recurs every month at $19.95] 33% OFF
6 Month:
[Billed every 6 months at $69.95]
12 Months:
[Billed yearly at $149.95]

Beware of pre-checked cross sales.

  • Content Amount
  • Quality
  • Updates
  • Usability
  • Download/Streaming
  • Value

Author Rating


Unfortunately, Public Sex Date currently has far too much going on in terms of negatives to fully reach into the territory of a “great” porn site, although it’s clearly trying, and making significant progress in terms of going that direction. The features are good, but the updates are slow. There are 4K downloads, but the streaming player maxes out at 720p. All of this is detailed above, so if you got this far, you know what I’m saying. That said, though, it’s still a very worthwhile offering in pickup porn, and well worth the time and the money. As a result, Public Sex Date earns my recommendation for those who love this niche in particular alongside a score of 79 full points.

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