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The quest for custom porn continues, and the new contender that I’m bringing you a look at is – but this one isn’t just an image generator. It does do that, however. We’ll get to talking about the image generation in a moment, of course. First, let’s address the interesting things that does differently. It starts with the option to run with a male focus – you can do basically everything the site offers with the other gender, whether you’re a lovely lady or a gay dude. Further, though, the main focus here tends to be on custom-created characters, AIs meant to be your friends or girlfriends or whatever you wish for them to be – in fact, the set up process for them is rather significant and in-depth. It’s quite surprising. You will be able to create these characters with a basic account, but keep in mind that to actually chat with them, you’ll have to go premium.

Detailed Image Generation

On the other side of things, with the image generator, the focus is very much on the written prompts themselves. While you will need premium to generate more than one or two of these – it does seem that a basic membership is pretty much just a trial here, so keep that in mind – the main interface for the image generation is in the prompt. There are suggestion boxes, but these aren’t check boxes, they simply add text. It’s very transparent – that’s all that’s happening with any of these tools overall. There are some quality of life features at the bottom, though – you can generate 4, 9, or even 16 different shots at a time as a premium member if you so choose. Overall, the image generation is intuitive and I like it, even if it requires getting good at prompt writing.


    1. Very solid feature set here – especially if you’re interested in a relationship of some sort with a virtual friend, girlfriend, or something like that, with the ability to customize your virtual relationship individual fairly extensively.


    1. The premium membership ends up somewhat expensive, and at the regular prices, it doesn’t seem like the annual price does all that much to discount versus the normal monthly.


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There are a great number of AI sites coming up and out of the woodwork recently, and each of them needs to do something different to stand out from the others – naturally, is no different in that regard. The path that they’ve chosen to try and stand out with, however, the idea of an AI girlfriend, or mistress, or dominatrix, or fellow student or friend, whatever you might choose, has a long history online. Except, this is a beautiful implementation of that concept with the use of new technology, and I certainly approve. That’s why I’m awarding with an overall score of 90 full points.

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