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Main niches: Best Paid Porn SitesFeatured Reviews really is one of the biggest and most varied sites out there on the internet today, a collection that’s truly massive. And it certainly should be a massive collection, given that has been operating in the hardcore porn space for nearly two decades, starting all the way back in 2002 – there’s even some stuff stretching back further, into the 1990s. It’s also quite varied, and surprisingly high quality for stretching back so long, but that might be jumping ahead just a bit. Let’s get into the full details, shall we?

Truly Massive Library, Good Variety, Many Galleries, And More

Sometimes, porn sites operate for years, or even decades. Across the 25 different “channels,” which we’ll call ‘sites’ simply for clarity’s sake, plus the extra content you’ll find with premium, prime, and other account upgrade options, you’ll find significantly more than 130,000 individual scenes. Not all of this was produced by, but you can rest assured that it’s all staggeringly high quality regardless. In fact, you’ll find over 40,000 of the videos to be available in full HD, and over 1,000 are in 4K – but these numbers will be outdated basically the moment I publish this review for you. Do remember to make sure your monitor and internet are up to the task of resolutions like 4K! New updates drop daily – and that means 10-20 new videos every day across the site, one of the best update schedules I’ve ever seen. The 25 internal sites I mentioned are all Bang’s own work, with a wide variety of content covering all the niches you’d expect, like glamcore, gonzo, teens, milfs, police, amateurs, massage, BBWs, petites, facials, latinas, and so very much more that listing it here is more or less futile. There are some good navigation and user features as well, starting with a mobile-responsive site, and going on to include basic search, good filters, sorting, tags, and categories, as well as “channel”-specific views, viewing the entire collection, other categories, likes, favorites, a watch later list, and even a viewing history tool, as well as ways to view content by what’s trending, or most popular, or even most liked. You can even put together custom “collections.” The hundreds (if not many more) of galleries here are even stunningly good as well, being a treasure trove of high-quality images. The array of positives here is stupendous, but as you may know if you’ve been reading these reviews for a while, there’s still negatives to get through, as there always are.

Features Seem Incomplete Compared To Other Top End Networks, Account Upgrade Paywalls To Access Large Chunks of Library

There’s very little wrong here, and it may seem that the negatives I’m about to list are reaching – or even that they’re too minimal to consider. And you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong, there’s so much good here it’s hard to see any negatives at all. Still, the first negative I see is that the basic account does not include the entirety, or even close to it, of the network’s full library. You’ll have to pay for at least one membership upgrade. With such a scale of library, however, I don’t think you’ll be able to chew through all the basic account content and get bored, so you probably don’t have to worry about it. Meanwhile, there is one other drawback that I see here, and that’s certain extra features. There are no comments, no advanced search, and certain other minor features are simply missing. To be clear, however, the feature-set that is here is incredibly useful, so once again, this is unlikely to affect an individual’s experience in any significant manner.


    1. Huge library of over 130,000 videos, with tens of thousands in Full HD, and thousands in 4K.
    2. Excellent variety of content, both produced by themselves and licensed from other high-quality studios.
    3. Stunning update schedule of 10-20 new videos not monthly, or even weekly, but daily!


    1. No advanced search to be found anywhere on the site, plus no commenting or other ways to interact with the rest of the community also enjoying the content.
    2. Access to large chunks of the content is behind “account upgrade” paywalls such as “Prime” access.

Content Amount:

  • 134,178+ Videos
  • 900+ Galleries
  • Updates: Multiple per day


  • Video Length: Avg. 25 min
  • Download: 4K 2160p (.mp4)
  • Streaming: 4K 2160p (Flash)


  • Resolution: HQ 2600×1733 (.jpg)
  • Pics per Set: Avg. 100
  • Zip Files: Yes (~500 KB)


  • Total: 18,642+ (worldwide based)
  • Ages: 18-50+
  • Ethnicities: Mix of all
  • From amateurs to pornstars


2 Day Trial:
[Rebills at $29.95/mo. until cancelled]
1 Month:
[Recurs every month at $29.95]
12 Months:
[Billed yearly at $120.00] 65% OFF

Beware of pre-checked cross sales. Network Sites

  • Content Amount
  • Quality
  • Updates
  • Usability
  • Download/Streaming
  • Value



It's difficult to sufficiently stress just how impressive the sheer library size, content variety and quality, and update schedule that can honestly boast is, and I'm certain that no matter what I say, I cannot actually overstate that in any real way. Plus there's an excellent set of features, and I doubt anyone with a 4K monitor will be disappointed in the content's technical quality in any way. earns a score of 95.6 out of a possible 100 – a truly phenomenal network.

[Total: 19    Average: 4.6/5]

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