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Babes Network is very well-named as porn networks go – this four-site network is all about the hottest and the most gorgeous babes in the best glamcore videos, with phenomenal skill put into all aspects of production from camerawork to lighting to editing as well. These folks are consummate skilled professionals at what they do, and they produce some of the most simply enjoyable, highest quality porn that we’ve ever seen as a pretty direct result. It’s also spread across four different sites with very clearly defined and well-executed niches, so if you get bored of one, you can always switch to another quite easily. In a nutshell, Babes Network is absolutely amazing, but before we give it a score, we’ll be kind enough to go through all the reasons for you in detail.

Massive Library, High Resolutions, Fast Updates, Great Tools, Excellent User Interface

As usual, we should begin this review by discussing the library itself in some detail. There are over one thousand three hundred and thirty videos available as of the time of writing this review. There’s a new one posted, on average, every other day – an absolutely amazing schedule given the sheer quality of production work that goes into these clips. Not only the camera work is perfect, but also the lighting, the editing, and everything else. Each averages a full twenty minutes, and the newest ones are in full and excellent 4K 2160p, just in case you happen to have a display that will actually handle such a high resolution. Meanwhile, the vast majority of clips are in at least full HD, so don’t worry about low-resolution stuff here. There is a gallery associated with each and every video as well, and these average an amazing hundred and sixty super high resolution shots each. There’s nothing that we could find whatsoever to complain about on the library itself, and that by itself is quite impressive.

Navigation, site design, and user interface are excellent as well. The site is easy on the eyes and very well designed with the right amount of focus toward the goal of easy navigation. There’s a pretty good set of navigation tools as well, including well-maintained filters and sorting options, an excellent tags database, great categories, and an option to even keep track of your personal favorite clips. There’s a model index as well, that’s very well-put-together with allerts and comments, promotions and discounts, and very-well-maintained stats on top of all that. While we’ll be returning to this section just a little bit later, it’s very important to note that it doesn’t truly need anything added to see to the goal of effective, efficient, easy navigation to exactly what it is that you happen to want to watch.

Downloads And Other Minor Inconveniences

I’m sure that Babes Network sounds great right now – and it should, because put simply, it is indeed great. However, like all porn sites before it, and likely like all porn sites after it, there are unfortunately some issues. These are all very minor of course, but you should know each of them going in nonetheless. The most minor of all is that, like much of the competition, Babes Network cannot lay claim to a worthy trial. The one they have is far too limited and it’s wiser to simply skip it and go right to a membership if you want one. Also, there’s no advanced search to be found. It’s not truly necessary for them to implement one just yet, but that day will come in just a few short years if they continue the excellent update schedule, so it would be best for them to simply have it in place already.

However, the single worst flaw that we found is that a standard membership holder simply cannot download the content. I’ve seen and complained about this before, and I likely will again – there’s simply no valid excuse for not trusting your already-paying members to be respectful about the content which they pay to have direct access to. As things stand at Babes Network, it requires a membership upgrade – in other words, a second, unnecessary paywall – in order to be able to download any of the content whatsoever to your local storage.


    1. An excellent, large library with many full HD and some 4K streams of a great variety of glamcore content that updates often.
    2. A wide array of tools combined with an excellent user interface make finding what you want easy and quick.


    1. Downloads require passing through – and paying on – a secondary paywall, something we never like to see.

Content Amount:

  • 1,333+ Videos/Galleries
  • Updates: 1 video/pic every 2 day


  • Video Length: Avg. 20 min.
  • Download: 4K 2160p (.mp4)
  • Streaming: 4K 2160p (Flash)


  • Resolution: HQ 2500×1666 (.jpg)
  • Pics per Set: Avg. 160
  • Zip Files: Yes (~150MB)


  • Total: 762+ (mostly U.S. based)
  • Ages: 18-35+
  • Ethnicities: Mix – mostly white
  • From semi pros to pornstars


2 Day Trial:
[Rebills at $39.99/mo. until cancelled]
7 Day Trial:
[Rebills at $39.99/mo. until cancelled]
1 Month:
[Recurs every month at $17.99] 40% OFF
12 Months:
[Billed yearly at $99.99]

Beware of pre-checked cross sales.

Babes Network Sites

Some of most recent video trailers

Sample photos

  • Content Amount
  • Quality
  • Updates
  • Usability
  • Download/Streaming
  • Value

Author Rating


Yes, the downloads are a problem, and yes advanced search would be helpful to Babes Network. Those two draw the score down – but only a couple points. This is because of just how well the site happens to implement everything else that it does, and that aspect of things simply cannot be given all the praise that it happens to deserve. For those reasons, all the reasons that I went into detail for you on above, the score that Babes Network earns is a staggering 88.3 points. It might be two or four points higher, if they can fix the two moderate issues that are currently holding them back.

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