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All Japanese Pass is certainly well named – with their over 20 sites, they’re attempting to bring you every variety of Japanese porn. It’s calling itself a ‘Pass’ – you know what that means, an all-encompassing (or at least an attempt at that!) network, attempting to cast the widest net possible. The question then arises, are they brought down by censorship and other issues that Japanese porn tends to, or is this network worth your time, money, and a slot on your necessarily limited subscription list? Stick with me, and I can assure you, you’ll have a much better idea of the answer to that, at the end of this review.

A Lot of Content Across So Many Niches!

So let’s talk about the library first. It’s a little difficult to come up with a proper number for how large the library is, for reasons I’ll get to later, so at a guess you’re looking at over nine and a half thousand individual videos here. However, there are only about five hundred galleries, so if still photos are an essential for you, you may have to look elsewhere – unless you’re OK with vid caps, which there are plenty of. Most of the videos are available in a perfectly serviceable SD, with a few in HD, and can be streamed and downloaded without any frustrations. The galleries that doe exist are quite large, and available for download in nice archives.

There are also over twenty different sites on offer, and each can be browsed individually or through the collection as a whole. MILFs, POV, general hardcore, anal, creampies, teens, big tits, outdoor fun, bukkake, flashers, “weird” – a catch all for the stuff that All Japanese Pass doesn’t have a site for, including fetish and bondage, nurses and offices, oral, and more are all very well represented. There’s also a surprising number of browsing tools, like search, categories, models, favorites, sorting, and a rating system. Still, that’s all the positives I can list, so let’s move right along.

No matter which site I navigated to and took a look at, I was always able to find something to enjoy. The content here is absolutely excellent (even with a few flaws I’ll look at later). I expect that the experience will be much the same for the rest of you – and for those whose favorite is Japanese girls, it’ll be even better.

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation.

The single largest problem here is that there is seemingly rotating content. Several thousand scenes have been removed – and the cartoon site is simply gone outright – so I can’t be certain about the number of videos in the library by any metric. This is never something I like to see, and in and of itself will bring the score down, but simply isn’t enough to discount the site over. It’s still quality, enjoyable content.

Further issues including a high frequency of censorship. That’s not surprising, since this is legitimate Japanese porn, and Japan has a strange legal relationship with porn. However, there is some content here that’s uncensored, and that does help to mitigate the problem. Also, there are no subtitles in English available on any of the content, at least not that I was able to find. That said, it’s not really necessary for most of us to understand the dialogue in our own language – fucking of all kinds crosses all language barriers quite easily.


    1. Some of the content is already in full HD, and will look crisp and beautiful on basically any screen.
    2. The browsing experience, while not perfect, is very good as things stand.
    3. Some scenes lack the normally ubiquitous censorship that Japanese porn has become known for.


    1. Some content does seem to rotate, disappointingly, making some updates effectively nonexistent.
    2. Most scenes are censored, and none (that I saw) have English subtitles.

Content Amount:

  • 14,928+ videos / 4,410+ DVDs
  • 37+ Pics Sets
  • Video updates: Avg. 7-8 per day
  • DVD updates: Avg. 1-2 per day


  • Video Lenght: Avg. 35 min
  • DVDs Lenght: up to 6h
  • Download: HD 1080p (.mp4)
  • Streaming: HD 1080p (Flash)


  • Max Resolution: 2784×1856 (.jpg)
  • Pics per Set: Avg. 70
  • Zip Files: Yes


  • Total: 2,119+
  • Ages: 18-30+
  • Ethnicities: Japanese
  • From amateurs to Pornstars


3 Days Trial:
[Rebills at $49.99 until cancelled]
1 Month:
[Recurs every month at $49.99]
3 Months:
[Billed every 3 months at $119.97]
12 Months:
[Billed yearly at $239.88]

Beware of pre-checked cross sales.

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Author Rating


There's a lot to like with All Japanese Pass, and there's also a small handful of serious flaws on offer here. I won't rehash them, since I just had you sit through about six hundred words of explanation, but I will say that All Japanese Pass is at once extremely wonderful, and rather disappointing. This in itself is an achievement, but not one that is figured into the score. I award All Japanese Pass a score of 89.3 points. This score is fully deserved, and All Japanese Pass is absolutely worth your time and money.

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