Has Adriana Chechik Retired from Porn?

Published on October 21st, 2022 -

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Adriana Chechik, one of the biggest pornstars of all time, has recently said that she wanted to retire from shooting porn, in spite of feeling empowered by sex. Her adult industry debut was in 2012, and it didn’t take her long to rise to superstardom. This drop-dead gorgeous brunette has received many prominent awards and countless nominations. When she announced that she wants to retire from the industry and shift her focus to other things in her life, porn enthusiasts from all over the world were shook up. So what actually happened?

After getting almost 1 million followers on the famous gaming and streaming platform Twitch, Adriana announced she was going to quit porn for good. Having worked in the adult entertainment industry for the majority of her adult life, Adriana felt like she didn’t have “notion of the outside world.” When she started to stream on Twitch, this babe met a lot of people who didn’t have any connections with the porn industry, and she began exploring other things. She also said that she felt like she had been fetishising herself. It’s clear that Adriana Chechik is very serious about this decision and we shouldn’t take her words lightly.

Adriana Chechik Bio

Adriana Chechik was born in 1991, and she comes from Downingtown, Pennsylvania. She’s hands down one of the hottest and most successful adult actresses of all time. This gal is absolutely stunning: she has a beautiful face, a dainty body, and a perfect figure. Adriana has been told that she was of mixed Serbian, Russian, and English descent, but there’s no way to verify these claims. Her life prior to becoming an adult actress, especially her childhood, wasn’t always easy.

Adriana was raised in foster care. Since she’s always been into science, she managed to earn a General Equivalency Diploma at Drexel University, at the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology. Before becoming a pornstar, Adriana used to work as an exotic dancer. After signing her first deal and making her first XXX movies, she became popular almost right away.

Her out-of-this-world skills and immense determination have been recognized many times, and Adriana has received countless awards and nominations. Throughout her adult movie career, Adriana Chechik has appeared in more than 1200 productions, which is an impressive feat. This petite stunner has collaborated with numerous famous production studios. In our opinion, Adriana Chechik’s Brazzers productions are some of her best. You may also want to check out our Bang Bros review, as she’s filmed some really nasty scenes for them.

She claims to be the nastiest girl in porn, and we couldn’t agree more. Adriana is not afraid to try out new things, including hardcore BDSM sex acts. Her scenes include deepthroats, pegging, fisting, bondage, rimming, and anal, among many other hot things. Some of her most intense scenes can be found at HardX. Moreover, Adriana is attracted to open-minded men, and frat boys and angry guys are a turn off for her. She’s an animal lover and has been vegan for many years now. Also, make sure to visit Adriana Chechik’s Instagram if you want to find out more about her life and see more of her hot pics.


Recent Events – Back Injury

Adriana broke her back in several places after jumping into a foam pit at TwitchCon in San Diego. The unfortunate incident occurred at one of the event booths. This booth featured foam sword battles and a foam pit below an elevated platform. Adriana took part in one of these battles and came out victorious. To celebrate her win, she leaped into a foam pit below the platform and injured herself.

The problem was that the pit was apparently more shallow than it should be. Various reporters visited it, only to conclude that it’s just two feet deep, compared to the standard six-feet depth. Three days after the incident, Adriana shared information about her condition, saying that she had received multiple spinal fusions and undergone five hours of surgery. Since then, she has voiced her disapproval and called out the organizers. Right now, Adriana Chechik is considering to stream on YouTube and not on Twitch. We recommend following Adriana Chechik’s Twitter account to keep yourself up-to-date with her current conditions and plans.


Thank you, Adriana!

Before I finish this article, I want to say how much Adriana Chechik means to us. She’s been one of our favorite performers for many years, and has blessed us with amazing scenes that we’re going to watch in the years to come. While we completely understand her decision to stop doing porn and focus on the things she enjoys more, we were sad when she announced her retirement. We wish Adriana a lot of luck in the future, no matter which career path she takes. As for our readers, if you want to start watching Adriana Chechik’s scenes, check out our Adult Time review, as there you can find many great scenes starring this babe.


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