My Rating Criteria

As you have seen, the rating I give to a site is based on the average of six main features: content amount, quality, updates, usability, download/streaming and value. Each feature has 100 as the maximum score, which means that in the total evaluation all have the same specific weight. On this page I show you what are the evaluation criteria for each of them.

Content Amount

The amount of content is the sum of videos and photos offered by the site.

For videos I consider both DVD than single clips. Sites that offer dvds usually extrapolate the individual clips that they show separately within the site; some of these also offer exclusive scenes that are not part of a dvd. Most sites actually offer only single scenes, of variable length. My evaluation therefore takes account exclusively of the latter.

For photos, I consider the total number of pic sets, where each can contain a variable number of single photos, in the order of tens or hundreds. Sites that have more photos for each set will have a higher rating than others.

Usually, most sites publish a photo set for a video, so many times the total number is the same. In this evaluation, therefore, the total number of videos and photo sets is taken into account. Sites that have less number of pic-sets than videos (or they do not provide any) and/or that have few photos for each set, will receive a slight worsening of the score. On contrary, sites who have a major number of pic-sets than videos will receive an increase of rating.

100% = 10,000+
95- 99% = 5,000 – 10,000
90- 95% = 2,500 – 5,000
85 – 90% = 1,000 – 2,500
75 – 85% = 500 – 1,000
65 – 75% = 250 – 500
55- 65% = 100 – 250
45- 55% = 50 – 100
35- 45% = 25 – 50
25 – 35% = 10 – 25
15- 25% = 5 – 10
10 – 15% = 1 – 5


Aside the resolution of videos and photos, the rating of the quality takes account of the sharpness of the image, the lighting in the scenes both indoor than outdoor, the the quality of the shootings and directing. The evaluation of these last two features are in part subjective, what makes the difference is related to the technic, the image care and to the originality of direction.

Since in 2017 almost all sites offer 1080p videos and that the features described above are hard to classified in a scale of rating, I cannot make a table like that of content amount or the other features. I can simply describe the quality of  video and pics into each review. Of course, the sites who offer 4K and VR videos have an increase of rating.


Megasites with a huge library have videos dated 2005 or earlier, that was another era for what regarding videos. This mean that only less than a half is in full HD. Sites launched from few time but that have high update frequency can be on equal rating of sites with a longer history. That is why update frequency is an important features in the rating of a site.

To rating a site according updates I look to the last date of publishing and the frequency for the last 6 months, in the moment when I write the review. I don’t make the average between the number of videos and the number of months from which the site is online.

That are my criteria:

100% = 30+ updates a month
95 – 99% = 20 – 30 updates a month
85 – 95% = 10 – 20 updates a month
75 – 85% = 4 – 10 updates a month
65 – 75% = 1 – 4 updates a month
60 – 65% = no more updates in the last month
50 – 60% = no more updates from 1+ months
40 – 50% = no more updates from 3+ months
30 – 40% = no more updates from 6+ months
<30% = no more updates from 1+ year


Usability consist a sum of features that give a good user experience. These are:

  • Mobile-friendly: When a site has a mobile-responsive design. Solely being able to access a site on a mobile device does not count.
  • Navigation and Design: The ability to move around a site easily, without hassle or interruption. The look of the site is aesthetically pleasing and consistent throughout.
  • Advanced search: Searching for content beyond simple keywords. This generally includes added functionality such as checkboxes and drop-down menus.
  • Stream-skipping: Being able to jump to different moments in a streaming video without the need for it to preload.

Download & Streaming

To rate these functions several factors are taken into consideration:


  • Multiple downloads: If the site allows to download multiple videos at the same moment through download manager;
  • Different file size: If you can download videos with different formats and sizes;
  • No limit downoad: If the site allows illimitate download daily, without limit of number of videos or Gb per day;


  • Speed: If the the playback goes smoothly with short buffering;
  • Quality options: If you can choose multiple resolutions;


Is the quality/price ratio. To rate the value of a site I consider the overall score of all the features in relation to the price for the monthly membership, but also other aspects like for example if it offers a trial, discounts or if there are any difficulties to cancelling subscription.