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If you want to get access to the best pay porn sites, of course you’re looking for the best that porn has to offer today. But you're just not sure – you need to find which site best matches with your tastes and find out which sites are really worth the money. If this is where you're at, I’m your man! I’ll do all the leg work for you on that front of things. What I do here is to review a new porn site every day, and regularly updating my ranking of the top paid porn sites too. I hope you’ll like my short, detail-packed reviews and my exclusive discounts. What matters, at the end of the day, is that it’s all about finding the best porn paysite for you, and that I’d be proud to be your adviser!

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This is a section purpose-built to highlight the recently reviewed sites, new major discounts and any site upgrades I think that worth a look.
Pure Taboo

Pure Taboo

Pure Taboo offers one thing, and one thing only – quality reality hardcore in the step-family or 'fauxcest' niche, and they do it with new content not once a month, not once a week, but twice every week. If you're into this niche and fun, campy reality hardcore, and you're sick of watching lower-resolution videos in order to get your porn, you should give Pure Taboo an honest chance.



On Mylf, you can expect super high-quality MILF hardcore, starring some truly gorgeous and often famous older stars, all of whom are far more skilled than many of their younger counterparts you can find in other places. The porn matches that too, with production standards that boast a mature and well-developed quality. There's even more – for all the good that this site provides, check my review.

Lets Doe It

Lets Doe It

The Lets Doe It Network has quite a few sites, each of which are unique and properly exclusive, plus thousands of high definition videos that you can stream or download. The site itself holds everything from relaxing comfortable sex to extreme BDSM where the girls are pushed to their limit and pounded hard in every hole – immense variety.



Now, Spizoo is not as well known as many other hardcore networks. One might assume that this is because of a general lack of quality, or because of some major issue somewhere, but I scoured these 10 sites, and that’s simply not the cause – Spizoo just hasn’t gotten the fame, while they clearly deserve it.

Babes Network

Babes Network

Babes Network knows what they’re doing and they do it very well: not just glamcore but the absolutely highest quality glamcore! These phenomenally well-shot, well-lit videos showcase sensuality just as much as they do the sex itself, but combine that with a massive library and fast, reliable updates – and you won't want to miss out!

Pure Taboo
Lets Doe It
Babes Network

Latest Reviews

I constantly scour the internet looking for the newest and best adult paysites to rate and review, so you can keep up to date with the latest in adult entertainment.

November 4th, 2018
Team Skeet


Team Skeet, is, as a porn network, one of the most impressive offerings we’ve ever come across. While it’s not one of the big two in hardcorer, it has a defined niche, and manages a tight focus. This is how it got famous, and for all the right reasons. The younger beauties who star here are some of the best in the industry, as well as the prettiest.

November 3rd, 2018
Jessica Jaymes XXX


Most of you have, naturally, heard of the gorgeous and skilled Jessica Jaymes. She hosted Totally Busted on Playboy TV, was the first Hustler contract girl, and much, much more. In a nutshell, she’s one of the most famous pornstars out there, and for good reason. Her official site is on the Spizoo network, too – and Jessica Jaymes XXX is a fantastic choice for any fan of this beautiful performer.

November 2nd, 2018
The Stripper Experience


The Stripper Experience, a premium reality site from the excellent Spizoo network, stars gorgeous pornstars acting as strippers with a twist – yes, they strip and tease, but then they please, suck, and fuck, blurring the line from one sexy profession to another entirely. Other than updates, the Stripper Experience seems like a great option for anyone wanting an unusual niche.

November 1st, 2018
Porn Goes Pro


Porn Goes Pro casts porn stars in the roles of high-class “escorts” – a job these gorgeous beauties would probably be absolutely excellent. It also comes with access to the rest of the excellent Spizoo network. But before you rush off for a membership, remember to check our carefully researched review since there is some real concern about updates with this one. That said, the videos are delightful.

August 26th, 2018
Intimate Lesbians


Intimate Lesbians, which comes to us courtesy of the fantastic and under-recognized Spizoo network, is of course focused wholly on lesbian content, starring gorgeous, often famous pornstars, and has a massive list of usser features and bonuses inherited from their parent network. Fans of lesbian content needing a new lesbian site should add this one to their short list.

What Is the Best Resolution for Watching VR Porn Videos? Technology is developing at such an alarming rate that it is difficult to keep up with all the technical novelties and the current situation on the market of new tech. Until a few years ago, nobody has heard of virtual reality, yet today we can…

August 21st, 2018
First Class POV


When we took a look at parent network Spizoo, we were incredibly impressed, so naturally we went into looking at the First Class POV with massively high hopes. We were basically not disappointed in the least – this fantastic POV blowjob site has great content and full network access to everything we loved so much about Spizoo as a whole.

August 20th, 2018


Now, Spizoo is not as well known as many other hardcore networks. One might assume that this is because of a general lack of quality, or because of some major issue somewhere, but I scoured these 10 sites, and that’s simply not the cause – Spizoo just hasn’t gotten the fame, while they clearly deserve it.

July 17th, 2018
BaDoink VR


BaDoink VR is just as good as sister site BaDoink – which we’ve already covered and found to be really quite excellent – except, as the name probably clued you in, it’s really all about VR here. These videos are technically excellent, and the content, and pornstars, are, if anything, even better than that. If you already have a headset, don’t miss out – you can check our review first.

July 16th, 2018
VR Bangers


The new crop of skillful, less network dependent, and technically excellent VR sites has been quite pleasing to me, and I’m sure to those of you who already have have purchased a VR headset for whatever primary purchase. VR Bangers is one that earns a high score for it’s technical know-how and it’s super high-quality exclusive VR hardcore content. Don’t miss our review on this site.

July 15th, 2018
Czech VR


Czech VR is one of those sites – or more accurately, one of those smaller networks in this case – that seems to do nearly everything just right from the gorgeous Euro babes to the super high resolution content, the wide range of VR support, POV focus, and more. But ‘seem’ is right – while this is a very solid site, check our review for the details on exactly what’s not perfect.

July 14th, 2018
Virtual Real Porn


Virtual Real Porn has done something that many porn sites have done – incorporate their niche cleverly into their name. This one refers not only to VR – which describes all the hardcore that you’ll find at this site – but the ‘real’, we think, also refers to the site’s impressive support for teledildonic sex toys. If you have a headset, check it out – if you have teledildonic devices, definitely check it out.

July 13th, 2018
VR Porn

20% has one of the most valuable names (and URLs!) in the business of hardcore VR porn online, but that begs the question: do they deserve it? Do they rise to the level that such a central name would imply and demand? Check the review for the full details, of course – but with thousands of great videos, it’s hard to go wrong here.

July 8th, 2018
Porn Movies XXX

80.7 just so happens to be one of those porn sites that knows what it is and doesn’t mind being precisely that – and even further, one of those that happens to be pretty good at doing well the one thing that it really tries to do. You’ll find a long list of DVDs to stream here, most starring some of your favorite famous pornstars.

July 5th, 2018
Dreams Of Spanking


Dreams of Spanking is pretty much as much porn content as it is straight up sexual art – and it manages this without being glamcore, too. This spanking-focused fetish site offers you content that’s as emotionally real as we think porn can get, and it’s all centered around a particular individual in the UK BDSM who apparently happens to be quite good at what she does.