About me

My Porn Adviser is here to help you find the best pay porn sites for your tastes and your wallet while avoiding those that maybe aren’t as interested in providing you a good offer. We began collecting data and writing our reviews in late 2017, and in early 2018, when we thought the site ready, we launched, hoping to help you and help the porn marketplace in general by giving porn sites another reason to be better.

We don’t charge for access our reviews, so you might be wondering how do we sustain our business. The answer is that we get a small amount of every sale, as an affiliate, to the premium porn sites we review. We believe that there’s no ethical issue with this, so long as our reviews are honest and accurate, and therefore we do our best to keep them that way at all times. Please contact us with any issues or concerns or changes to porn sites we’ve reviewed: we want to know.